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Our Story

Sharon and Andy Azula had an idea: To create fun, maybe silly things, for kids to make big moments in their lives more special.

And they wanted to find a way to start giving back and helping organizations that helped children. 

So after many years in advertising and several years raising their children, they were ready to launch their first idea into the world.

When their twins started losing their teeth, Sharon realized they weren’t prepared for the Tooth Fairy! They borrowed a tooth pillow (shaped like a big tooth, of course) from a neighbor. It was small and thick with a tiny pocket for the tooth and prize. The experience left something to be desired. When they looked for something better, they couldn’t find anything they, or their kids, liked.

And so became The Tooth Brigade: Three monsters, Ollie, Blue, and Potato who help the Tooth Fairy by holding on to a lost tooth until she arrives. 

They are flat enough to fit under a pillow. Their arms, legs, horns, and

ears make them easy to find and grab. And their mouths are big enough

to fit even larger Tooth Fairy fingers, leaving plenty of room for notes or surprises. These high-quality monsters were manufactured by

Each Tooth Brigade member comes with a lost tooth ticket that can be used if your child can’t find their tooth or has swallowed it after it fell out.

In their book, Ollie, Blue, and Potato set out on a fun-filled adventure to help the Tooth Fairy who is stuck in a tumbleweed. Along the way, they trudge through the Sticky Swamp, bravely cross Crocodile Creek and finally climb to the tippy top of Tippy Top Mountain to collect a tooth.

The Tooth Brigade plush tooth pillows and book launched on November 6th and a portion of proceeds benefit charities that provide dental care to children in need.​ 

Talk about this story on The Tooth Brigade Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @thetoothbrigade and @ihtptoys

It Helps To Play LLC is a privately owned company with the mission of creating books and toys that help kids during the various milestones of growing up. It Helps To Play also promotes parental interaction with their children and encourages play at all ages. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of products is donated to charities who help children in need.

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