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The Tooth Brigade Story and Creation

From the creative minds of Sharon and Andy Azula comes The Adventures of the Tooth Brigade, a heart-warming story about acknowledging the worth in everyone. Written by Sharon and illustrated by Andy, the story follows the Tooth Fairy as she gets into a sticky situation and ultimately enlists the help of three friendly monsters who are passing by.

The book was borne out of observing the stress that parents usually undergo during this phase of a child’s life. Losing teeth can be scary, for kids and parents. And there tend to be a lot of questions.

The tooth pillows are designed to help the Tooth Fairy easily retrieve a tooth and leave a treasure. And because the pillows are actually characters from the book, children love playing with them.

There’s even an app designed to remind the Tooth Fairy to show up on those special nights.

The idea is to help make the entire process a little more fun!

We hope you sign up for our newsletter to learn when our Kickstarter campaign launches! In the meantime, enjoy this (unrelated) video.

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