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Crayon Psychic

Simple Description: Your friend picks a crayon out of a box, and you guess the color with your mind-reading powers!

Magic Level Required: 1 out of 3

Materials Needed: A small box of crayons.

Magic Steps:

1. Stand with your back facing your friend. With your hands behind your back, ask your friend to pick a crayon out of the pack and put it into your hands.

2. Once the crayon is in your hand, turn around and face your friend. Keep your hands behind you. Talk about the magic for a second, at the same time you should scrape the crayon with your left thumbnail. This will make some wax get stuck under your nail.

3. Keep the crayon in your right hand, behind your back. Wave your left hand near your friend's head, repeating "I'm reading your mind" and "Your thoughts are flowing into my mind."

4. As you're waving your hand near your friend, look at the color of the wax under your fingernail.

5. reveal the answer, adding a few alakazam's for effect!

This is a fun and easy trick! Just make sure your friend doesn't see the wax under your fingernail!

Have fun!

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